#77 The Battle of Fredericksburg Part 2

January 10, 2019

We finish our chat about Fredericksburg including some great insight from Mary and an accounting of Nick's recent visit to the place where it happened.


#76 Lincoln’s Greatest Speech TRBC2 Part 1

December 20, 2018

This is the first installment of the second running of The Railsplitter Book Club in which be chat about the first four chapters of Ronald C. White's Lincoln's Greatest Speech.  Happy Holidays to you and your families!


#75 Fredericksburg Part 1

December 13, 2018

We wish Mary Lincoln a happy 200th and start a chat about Fredericksburg.


#74 Lincoln Gift Ideas

December 6, 2018

We give you all kinds of ideas for items to put on your list or to get for the Lincoln lover on your list.  We also introduce The Railsplitter merch shop where you can get shirts, hoodies, or a coffee mug.  Check it out:  www.teespring.com/stores/therailsplitterpodcast


#73 The Gettysburg Address’s 155th

November 29, 2018

Mary share her experience in Gettysburg for the 155th anniversary of Lincoln's famous speech.


#72 Abraham Lincoln and The Press

November 15, 2018

We chat this week about Abraham Lincoln and The Press focusing on his early role as an editorialist through his relationship with newspapers as President.


#71 45 on 16

November 3, 2018

The current president has been talking about our hero.  We break it down and offer our thoughts on how this administration is wrong about Lincoln.


#70 The Lincoln Memorial

November 1, 2018

We chat all about The Lincoln Memorial this week!


#69 Railsplitter Book Club 2 Kickoff

October 11, 2018

We're starting up another Railsplitter Book Club, and we need your help choosing the book.  We talk about the options and ask for your vote.  Then there's quite a lot of chatting this week.  Enjoy!


#68 The 1864 Election Part 2

October 4, 2018

We conclude our coverage of the 1864 election by talking about the general election pitting our hero Abraham Lincoln against General George B. McClellan.