#69 Railsplitter Book Club 2 Kickoff

October 11, 2018

We're starting up another Railsplitter Book Club, and we need your help choosing the book.  We talk about the options and ask for your vote.  Then there's quite a lot of chatting this week.  Enjoy!


#68 The 1864 Election Part 2

October 4, 2018

We conclude our coverage of the 1864 election by talking about the general election pitting our hero Abraham Lincoln against General George B. McClellan.


#67 Drama at the Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum

September 27, 2018

Whoa!  Lincoln news big enough for a whole episode!  We talk about recent developments at the ALPLM, focusing on The Hat and the dismissal of the curator.


#66 The 1864 Election Part 1

September 20, 2018

In the first of a two parter on Lincoln's re-election.  We set the stage for the election and chat about Lincoln's nomination over rivals like William Sewward and Salmon Chase.


#65 Springfield

September 13, 2018

We take you through some Lincoln and non-Lincoln sites in Springfield, provide some restaurant recs, and avoid mentioning The Simpsons.


#64 Finding Lincoln

September 6, 2018

Does anyone else look for Lincoln in every town they visit?  We chat this week on seeking out 16 and Civil War stuff in unlikely locations.  Send us your favorite Lincoln spots!


#63 Hot Takes on Abraham Lincoln

August 30, 2018

Each of us brings a question or topic to the show to get the other two Railsplitters' take on for this week's show.  We talk a little about Lincoln's empathy as it related to his rivals and a lot about Lincoln biographies.


#62 Abraham Lincoln, His Dog Fido, and His Love for Animals with Matthew Algeo

August 23, 2018

We welcome Matthew Algeo, author of Abe and Fido, a book about the Lincoln family dog.  Matthew shares his vast knowledge of Lincoln's relationship with animals, especially the lovable mutt Fido.


#61 Abraham Lincoln and Education

August 16, 2018

It's Back to School time!  Hear all about Lincoln's education, learning like Lincoln, and Lincoln's education policy.


#60 Lincoln as Seen by Some of his Contemporaries

August 10, 2018

We talk about how some folks talked about Lincoln back in his time.  We even discuss a poem!  Check it!